Comprehensive Info for Buyers


New customers, and customers planning to increase their purchase activity significantly, must submit Registration Forms to apply for credit by Monday, October 16, 2023 to ensure adequate time for processing. Failure to apply for credit in a timely manner may result in denial of credit at the Sale.

Agents, and customers using Agents, are strongly urged to file Agent Authorization forms with the Company prior to the Sale. A completed Agent Authorization form will ensure the financial protection of Agents who will otherwise be held responsible for their purchases should the account not be paid in full after the Sale.

All horses must be adequately insured upon purchase. No horse will be released without proof of insurance.

Wired funds instructions are posted for your convenience. Wired funds placed on account prior to the Sale are especially encouraged for new International customers.

Completed forms may be FAXED or EMAILED to...
Fax: 717 - 637 - 6766 or Email:
Attention: Judy Casey

Buyers Forms
Buyer Registration Form Download
Buyer Registration Form - International Download
Authorization of Agent Download
Insurance Form Download
Wired Funds Instruction Form Download
Explanation of Payment Options Download